Group Tagalog Lessons


While many of my students prefer one-on-one Tagalog lessons, private tutoring isn’t always the best fit for everyone. And there are a number of reasons small group Tagalog lessons, or even a group Tagalog class might be a better fit. These include the fact that some students prefer the synergy of group Tagalog lessons. And that the cost per student is lower that with private lessons.

For these and many other reasons, I offer group Tagalog classes, group Filipino lessons and group ESL classes. I can accommodate a group of up to three students at my location in BGC. And for larger groups, the classes are typically taught at a student’s home or office. Often, groups of four or more are typically taught in a conference room, which can often be made available by the company the students work for. In fact, group Tagalog lessons are often set-up by the employer, as an employee benefit. For classes of four or more, I offer outcall group lessons in BGC and the surrounding areas, including McKinley Hill and much of Makati.

As with all of my lessons, my group lessons focus mainly on conversational Tagalog or conversational English, rather than excessive focus on grammatical rules. With the goal being to prepare my students to use their new language in the real world as quickly and painlessly as possible. The Tagalog classes are taught using a proprietary series of lessons I’ve have developed, that make learning fast and easy.

These lessons have proven so effective that I’ve been hired by leading companies in Manila like Sprout Solutions and FinScore to help their expat employees learn Tagalog. I’ve even been retained by International School Manila, widely considered the best international school in the Philippines, as a Filipino Language teacher, to help their expat teachers learn the Filipino language.

And in addition to the companies mentioned above, I’ve helped students of all ages and from over 30 different countries learn Tagalog and English, including executives from JP Morgan, Huawei, General Motors the World Bank, and multiple staff members and diplomats of the British and Turkish Embassies.

Teacher Eriza Teaching Tagalog – Group Tagalog Lessons

Teacher Eriza Teaching Tagalog to Expat Managers and Executives in a Conference Room at Sprout Solutions

One area where I see group Tagalog lessons as being particularly valuable is with corporate group Tagalog classes. As good as the talent pool in the Philippines is, sometimes it’s still beneficial to bring in workers from overseas with specialized skills. This is why many companies in Manila hire a significant amount of expat employees. And one of the major challenges any foreigner faces anywhere, is fitting in. Not only is the Philippines culture different, but he or she is far from home. And it’s highly likely that they are experiencing a feeling of isolation and are having at least some trouble fitting in, both at work and socially.

And one of the biggest obstacles any expat faces in fitting in, is the fact they don’t speak or understand the local language. In fact, according to a detailed survey of senior managers in the global mobility industry, over 60% believe that not knowing the local language is the biggest obstacle in the way of successful expat assignments.

The same survey showed that over half of the respondents stated that speaking the local language was crucial to conducting business abroad.

More information related to this survey is available below:- View More

So it’s easy to see that making it easy for your expat workers to learn Tagalog is not only important, its crucial in making sure that the foreigners you have working for you have the best chance of success, both at their jobs, and in integrating into the Philippines culture.

And since the cost of hiring and relocating an expat to work in the Philippines can cost literally millions of Pesos, money spent on helping to make sure there’s the best possible chance of keeping a happy, productive foreign worker is money well spent. Facts like this make a compelling case that learning the Filipino language is one of the best ways to help them feel at home and fit in better here in the Philippines. And a great investment in your most important asset, your human resources.

In fact, even here in BGC and in surrounding areas like Makati and Ortigas, that are significantly more westernized (and with English much more commonly spoken) than most of the Philippines, there are still language and cultural barriers.

Employees who are happy are more productive. And employees who are comfortable fitting in are more likely to stay. And as an HR professional, a happy, productive employee who stays with your company for a long time is one of your primary goals.

So whether you have friends, family or co-workers that you want to learn Tagalog with, or you want to put together group Tagalog lessons or Filipino Language classes for your expat employees, message me today and see how easy it can be to make it happen. And see first-hand, how life changing learning the language of the Philippines can be.