Learning ESL Online

Make the Most of Your time at Home – Learn ESL Online
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Learning ESL Online

No doubt about it. In just a couple of months, COVID-19 has changed everything. And as a result, many people have new-found free time on their hands.

So what should you do with all of that extra time? Well you could finally get around to binge watching Breaking Bad. There are worse things you could do with your time.

But instead, many people are using their newfound free time as a way to improve themselves. In fact, a recent survey showed that over 60% of those surveyed are using their newly found free time for self-improvement. Taking advantage of your extra time for self-improvement is especially important now that it’s clear that the mess created by COVID-19 isn’t going to last forever.

In fact, some countries already relaxing quarantines. And people starting to get back to work. So it’s important to use our extra time wisely, while we still have it.

This is why many people are engaging in a new version of the old adage; when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

And of all of the things you could do to improve your life, here’s something that could actually be life changing – you could learn English online.

That’s right, taking online English classes for learning ESL online is one of the most productive things you could possibly do. And an amazing way to improve your life.

But not just any online English lessons. By learning ESL online. ESL stands for English as a Second Language.

And Learning ESL online are the quickest and easiest way to learn English. In fact, I take great pride in the fact that many of my students have even described their online ESL lessons as fun!

You see, there are still English teachers who believe everyone should learn English in the same way native English speakers are taught from childhood.

But We couldn’t disagree more with this philosophy. English isn’t your native language. And for you to be expected to learn all of the thousands of arcane grammatical rules isn’t realistic. It also isn’t productive.

That’s why We chose to become a TEFL Certified teacher. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This is sometimes also called English as a Second Language.

We’ve been trained to teach my students exactly what they need, to be able to effectively understand and speak English better.

And instead of overwhelming you with a bunch of esoteric rules that you will never use, We will teach you English as a Second Language.

It’s important to look for a TEFL Certified English Teacher. TEFL certification means the tutor has been through extensive training and testing. And it’s a great starting point in determining if that tutor will be a good choice for you.

Other things to look for in your English teacher include making sure the tutor is experienced. And that the tutor has good online reviews. Seeing if a tutor’s students are happy with their experience can help you determine if that tutor will be able to do a good job for you as well.

Now the next question may be, why learn ESL online?

First, most people agree that the best way to learn is in a class of one, learning English with a private tutor. There is no substitute for a highly trained and experienced teacher, focusing 100% of their time and energy on only you. One class of one at a time.

This is the way we teach – so we can give you our undivided attention, to make sure you learn English as quickly and painlessly as possible.

And since face-to-face lessons can be inconvenient. And sometimes impractical, or even impossible, We teach ESL online.

Learning English online from the comfort and privacy of your home, is an incredibly convenient and effective way to learn. This is why We have offered online ESL lessons from the start.

And through my years of experience, We’ve learned the best ways to help my students learn ESL online. Which is really beneficial to them. Online learning really is the best option. Not to mention, that for many students, it’s currently the only option.

Learning ESL online with a private tutor is widely considered to be the most effective and efficient way to quickly learn English.

And online ESL lessons at home are an incredibly convenient way to learn English as a second language.

Learning (or improving) your English can help you at work, while traveling and in social settings.

So if you are looking for an experienced and effective tutor, We are here at Eriza’s Language School.

We have successfully taught both English and Tagalog to hundreds of students, from all walks of life. And from 31 different countries.

We have advanced TEFL certification. And dozens of 5-star reviews from happy students.

So if you are interested in learning and growing through online ESL lessons contact me now, and start improving your life today.