What You'll Learn
Learning with Eriza’s Language School is fun and easy.

Learn Tagalog Online or Learn ESL Online


It’s EASY to learn Tagalog or Learn English. Especially if you learn through Teacher Eriza. 

Students of all ages and from all walks of life turn to Teacher Eriza to help them improve their life through learning a new language. 

There are many reasons students come to Teacher Eriza to learn Tagalog. They include being an expat in the Philippines and wanting to fit in better. Or being in a relationship with a Filipina and wanting to be closer to her. 

 Teacher Eriza is also a great choice for learning English online. She teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) online and whether you already speak some English and are looking to improve your English for work opportunities or for personal reasons, she can help.


 I’m Teacher Eriza and whatever your reasons for wanting to learn Tagalog or English, you can be sure that I will do everything in my power to help you learn quickly and easily. 

Message me today to learn how easy and fun learning English or Tagalog lessons can be. Let me help you improve your life, starting today!

Tagalog Lessons

Tagalog Lessons with an Experienced Tutor

We offer both private Tagalog tutoring and small group lessons. My results-oriented approach will help you learn Tagalog quickly. And you’ll have fun doing it too. And as a Filipino and native speaker of Tagalog, I can help you learn both the language and a bit about Philippines culture, if you wish.
English Lessons

English Lessons with a TEFL Certified Tutor

We offer both private English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring and small group lessons. My results-oriented approach will have you learning English quickly. And you’ll have fun doing it too. Typically, lessons are given in American English. But if preferred, British English can be taught instead.

By keeping my overhead low, I’m able to offer top quality English and Tagalog tutoring sessions at affordable rates.


Private Lessons:

– One Hour Individual Lesson – 700 PhP / 14 USD

One Hour Group Lesson:

– Two to Four Students – 625 PhP / 12.50 USD each

– Five to Eight Students – 525 PhP / 10.50 USD each


Small Group Lessons:

– I also offer Discounted Group Lesson Rates, for a student   who wishes to learn in a (very) small group.


– Prepay for 10 lessons to get a 5% discount.
– Prepay for 20 lessons to get a 15% discount.