Here are answers to some important and frequently asked questions.

How hard is it to learn Tagalog?

Tagalog is an easy language to learn for most people. For starters, it’s based on the Latin alphabet. Also, significant parts of Tagalog are based on Spanish and English. And in informal situations, many Filipinos speak “Taglish”. So if you speak English, you are already partway there.

What should you look for in a Tagalog teacher?

Look for a Tagalog teacher with good reviews. Also, you want to make sure your teacher has a quiet workspace and fast, reliable Internet and stable electricity. While it’s easy to take these for granted, they are less common than you think in parts of the Philippines.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask specific questions about the teacher’s methods, course materials, and resources. And the results they have been able to help their students achieve. Also, to further help prospective students decide, I offer a free trial mini-lesson to qualified students to help them get a feel for whether or not we would be a good fit.

What is the difference between Tagalog and Filipino?
Filipino is a standardized form of Tagalog. The languages are very similar. And many Filipinos use the term Tagalog and Filipino interchangeably. And most Tagalog teachers will be teaching Filipino, even if they refer to it as Tagalog.
What is the best way to learn Tagalog?
It’s generally accepted that the best way to learn Tagalog is with a private Tagalog tutor. A tutor will devote 100% of their focus to each student. And provide individual attention to make sure their student learns in the way best and most effective for that student.
How long should it take me to learn Tagalog?

The time it takes to learn Tagalog depends on a number of factors. Variables include the student’s desire to learn. Their aptitude for learning. And how much time the student devotes to practice. The method of learning and the quality of the teacher is also important.

In general, I have found that it typically takes between 10 – 20 lessons for a student to learn basic Tagalog. And between 20 – 40 lessons for a student to learn conversational Tagalog.

Of course, these timeframes are assuming the student is engaged in the lessons and practicing between lessons.

Regardless, learning Tagalog one on one with a private tutor is widely considered both the best way to learn Tagalog. And the fastest way to learn to speak Tagalog.

How effective is it to learn Tagalog online?

Online Tagalog lessons are both convenient and effective. Actually, I taught Tagalog lessons online before offering in-person lessons. And virtually 100% of my students that switched to online lessons have been happy with the results.