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Teacher Eriza Teaching Filipino Language to Expat Teachers in a Classroom at International School Ma
Teaching Filipino to a Group of Expat Teachers at International School Manila
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Why Learn Tagalog From Eriza's Language School?

Eriza’s Language School is a 5 Star rated, TEFL Certified English and Tagalog language learning source, providing both individual and group Tagalog lessons. The Tagalog classes are taught using a proprietary series of Tagalog lessons developed in-house, that make learning Tagalog fast and easy.

Our Tagalog and Filipino lessons have proven so successful that we’ve been hired by leading companies like International School Manila to teach Filipino to a group of their expat teachers that needed to learn Filipino. And by leading companies such as Sprout Solutions, FinScore, Boskalis Philippines and Shopee Philippines to teach Tagalog to their expat employees that needed to learn Tagalog.

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Filipino language, often referred to as Tagalog is the national language of the Philippines. Our Tagalog as a second language lessons are currently being offered online using Zoom. If you are interested in in-person language learning, there are also in-person Tagalog lessons available on a limited basis.

Our Tagalog lessons are taught by experienced native Tagalog speakers and are focused mainly on conversational Tagalog, rather than excessive focus on grammar rules, as is the case with academic Tagalog or Filipino lessons. With the focus being to help Tagalog learners speak Tagalog in the real world as quickly as possible. And to make your learning Tagalog efficient and enjoyable – yes, learning Tagalog can be fun!

So if you are ready to begin your journey and expand your world by learning Tagalog, join our hundreds of happy students and get in touch with us today. You’ll be glad you did!

Questions & Answers

Online Tagalog lessons at Eriza’s Language School are both convenient and effective. They are designed for online learning, allowing students to learn at their own pace and increase their Tagalog skills with our proven system. So regardless of your language learning style you will learn Tagalog effectively.

When choosing an online Tagalog course, it’s important to look for experienced tutors with good reviews, who can offer lessons that incorporate aspects of Filipino culture. A quiet, private space to teach, a stable internet connection, and a proven track record in effectively teaching the language are also key factors to consider. There are just a few of the many things we screen for when vetting a Tagalog teacher. So you can be sure of a top quality Tagalog lesson with Eriza’s Language School.

Yes, Eriza’s Language School focuses on conversational Tagalog, aiming to help students achieve fluency and improve their pronunciation of Tagalog words. The school’s methods are designed to effectively meet individual learning needs, helping students to speak Tagalog fluently.

Eriza’s Language School offers comprehensive Tagalog lessons that include Tagalog vocabulary, spelling and phrases. They are designed for non-native speakers and focus on conversational usage, making it easier for students to practice and apply what they learn in real-world situations.

Everyone learns at their own pace, so the time required to learn Tagalog varies. However, typically, it takes between 10-20 lessons to learn basic Tagalog and 20-40 lessons to achieve reasonable conversational proficiency. Speaking Tagalog fluently and achieving conversational fluency is also achievable, but takes significantly longer. These timeframes assume active engagement and practice by the student.

Learn Tagalog Online – The Best Way to Learn Tagalog!

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We have a series of YouTube Videos to help you get started, and so you can see how easy it can be to learn Tagalog online.

See what Students are Saying

Eriza is the best! She is a true professional that is passionate about teaching Tagalog. She is extremely patient and I have had so much fun learning Tagalog. I recommend her highly.

Eriza’s Language school has been absolutely a blessing. The lessons are well thought out and oriented in a manner to build on the previous. I look forward to each and every lesson. I highly recommend for anyone interested in staying here for any time at all.

I’m pleased with my Tagalog lessons with Eriza. The lessons are well-planned and appropriately paced. She provides a quality level of tutorage and I am learning much quicker than with previous tutors. Thanks!

Very professional teacher who knows how to deliver her subject well. The lessons online are informative, easy to access and establish the building blocks of understanding. Both my husband and I look forward to, and enjoy our lessons with Eriza.

Eriza is a great teacher (Guru :)). She makes the learning of a new language something easy. If you are willing to learn Tagalog, I suggest you to contact her. Salamat po si Eriza!

Eriza is a great teacher and very knowledgeable of the intricacies of the language. She is very clear and communicative, organized, and well prepared for every lesson. She is a very patient and kind teacher and easy to get along with. I would highly recommend her to anyone taking up Filipino!