If You’re Reading This,You Know that Learning English Would Improve Your Life

Learn Tagalog Online with Eriza

But Maybe You Don’t Know Where to Start…

Well, most experts agree that the best way to learn is with a private tutor

So why not learn from a great tutor…

Why Learn ESL From Teacher Eriza

There are few things in life that can help you more than learning how to speak English. It’s the closest thing to a universal language there is. And it’s beneficial in both work and personal life. Over the last five years, I’ve helped hundreds of students of all ages improve their lives by helping them learn English. And as a TEFL Certified teacher, I understand that a student who wishes to learn English as a second language will have very different needs than one who needs to learn English as a native speaker would. This is why our ESL lessons will consist of only what you need. Not a bunch of arcane rules that you will never use. So you will speak English in the shortest time possible. Due to the current pandemic, I’m teaching only online ESL lessons, using Zoom or Skype as a learning platform. I offer both individual online English lessons and group online English lessons. And you will be learning ESL from great course material too. Everything is designed to make learning ESL as quick and enjoyable as possible.

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See what Eriza’s Student’s are Saying:

Eriza is the best! She is a true professional that is passionate about teaching Tagalog. She is extremely patient and I have had so much fun learning Tagalog. I recommend her highly.

Chard Totten

 Eriza’s Language school has been absolutely a blessing. The lessons are well thought out and oriented in a manner to build on the previous. I look forward to each and every lesson. I highly recommend for anyone interested in staying here for any time at all. 
Bill Corgey

I’m pleased with my Tagalog lessons with Eriza. The lessons are well-planned and appropriately paced. She provides a quality level of tutorage and I am learning much quicker than with previous tutors. Thanks!

Chris Bedford

Very professional teacher who knows how to deliver her subject well. The lessons online are informative, easy to access and establish the building blocks of understanding. Both my husband and I look forward to, and enjoy our lessons with Eriza.

Wendy Wycherley

Eriza is a great teacher (Guru :)). She makes the learning of a new language something easy. If you are willing to learn Tagalog, I suggest you to contact her. Salamat po si Eriza!

Anna Del Aguila

Eriza is a great teacher and very knowledgeable of the intricacies of the language. She is very clear and communicative, organized, and well prepared for every lesson. She is a very patient and kind teacher and easy to get along with. I would highly recommend her to anyone taking up Filipino!

Brandon G. Viray

Teacher Eriza Teaching a Group of Expat Teachers at International School Manila

Teacher Eriza Teaching a Group of Expat Teachers at International School Manila

Learning English Online is Wonderful! 🙂

English Lessons

We offer both private English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring and small group lessons.

My results-oriented approach will have you learning English quickly.

And you’ll have fun doing it too. Typically, lessons are given in American English. But if preferred, British English can be taught instead.

6 Reasons to Learn English Now

You Will Make More Money

Being able to Speak English will make you more valuable in the workplace. And will open-up job opportunities to you that wouldn’t be available otherwise. English is also the standard language in the world’s financial markets.

English is an Official Language of The Philippines

While we always encourage learning Tagalog, if you understand English, you will at least be able to get by in The Philippines most of the time. This is not true if you speak only Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.

Bonus Reason

It’s an EASY language to learn. Especially if you learn through Eriza’a Language School. Whether you already speak English and want to improve. Or if you are starting from scratch. We can help! know Message me to learn how easy and fun learning English can be. Let me help you Improve your life, starting today!

English is Becoming the Universal Language

More than 20% of the world’s population speak English. It’s the official language in 70 different countries. And English-speaking countries account for over 40% of the world’s GDP.

It’s Helpful When You Travel

There are very few tourist areas in the world where at least some English isn’t spoken. Even in The Philippines, there are times where, due to the fact there are regions where Tagalog is not spoken, English is the easiest way to communicate with local residents.

It Improves Your Social Status

Both here in the Philippines, and in most parts of the world, someone who speaks English well is looked upon as being intelligent and well educated. This is helpful both in meeting new people in a social situation and in professionally.

By keeping my overhead low, I’m able to offer top quality English and Tagalog tutoring sessions at affordable rates.


Private Lessons:

– One Hour Individual Lesson – 700 PhP or $15 USD per student


One Hour Group Lesson:

– Two to Four Students – 625 PhP or $13.50 USD
– Five to Eight Students – 525 PhP or $11.25 USD per student


Small Group Lessons:

– I also offer Discounted Group Lesson Rates, for a student who wishes to learn in a (very) small group.



– Prepay for 10 lessons to get a 10% discount.