Filipino Language Lessons

The Filipino Language is a standardized form of Tagalog. It is the national language of the Philippines. And along with English, it’s an official language of the Philippines as well. And although there are some minor differences between Tagalog and the Filipino language, most Filipinos use the terms Tagalog and Filipino language interchangeably and both English and Filipino language are taught in schools in the Philippines. Worldwide, close to one hundred million people speak Filipino. And it’s the sixth most widely spoken language in the United States, spoken by over a million speakers. We will be using Tagalog and Filipino language interchangeably throughout this webpage.

Filipino Language

How to learn Filipino language


If your goal is trying to figure out how to learn Filipino language you have come to the right place. Private tutoring is widely considered the most effective way to learn a language. And since through Eriza’s Language School, you can have a highly trained, TEFL certified, professional teacher devote 100% of their focus and skills in real time, to make sure you are being provided the best possible Filipino lessons, we are your best choice to learn Filipino online.

Also, learning through a Tagalog tutor online offers many additional benefits. It is much more efficient from a time standpoint as you don’t have to travel to the tutor’s location. Online Tagalog lessons are also almost always less expensive and more cost effective. And you will be easily be able to save your lessons to your PC, cell phone or tablet for practice and future reference.

We also take the time to talk to you, to understand the reasons why you want to learn Tagalog. And your goals for learning. We realize there are many different reasons for learning Filipino language. Whether you are moving to the Philippines for work or retirement. Or if you have met someone online and want to be able to communicate better with them by understanding and speaking their native language. So, whether you need to learn Filipino so you can more effectively do business in the Philippines, fit in better with the locals here or to grow and enhance a personal relationship, we will tailor your lessons based on your specific needs and goals.

And even if you found this page doing a search like Tagalog classes near me, we urge you to try online Tagalog lessons. We have proven methods and techniques and whether your goal is to learn English Tagalog conversation, or just figuring out the best way to learn Filipino language, we are an extremely efficient and cost-effective way to learn. And we have a consistent track record of delivering results quickly and having or students understanding and speaking Tagalog quickly.

So whether you call it Tagalog lessons or Filipino lessons, we can have you speaking your new language in no time. And at a very reasonable cost.

And regardless of what your specific reasons and goals are, we will always offer to teach you the best way to communicate in a formal situation and in a casual, less formal situation. Or times when speaking in Taglish (which is a mash-up of Tagalog and English and is the language most Filipinos in the Philippines really speak) is more common or appropriate.

And since our goals for our students is to make sure they can both effectively communicate and fit in comfortably, if you wish we can also help you understand the unique culture of the Philippines. Including, some typical things to expect and even some advice on what to do and not to do.

So, whatever your reason, now is a great time to start down the road to improving your life by learning Tagalog. Message us now for more information, or to schedule your free 30 minute starter session.


“Eriza is awesome. Not only the strong ability in Tagalog and English, also Eriza knows exactly how to guide a beginner (me) to master them. I am very pleased to learn Tagalog with her, what’s more I also practiced my English at the same time… Maraming Salamat”

“Eriza is a great language tutor: knowledgeable, organized and really patient. She understands the challenges of learning a new language and delivers lessons that steadily develop proficiency in a clear and systematic way. Highly recommend”