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Are you interested in learning the Tagalog language but worried about how to pronounce it? 

There are many reasons not to worry. First, no one will expect you to pronounce words perfectly, especially when you have just started learning Tagalog. 

Second, even though your pronunciation won’t be perfect at first, you will always get better with practice. 

If this sounds like you, then please continue reading. We’ll be talking about Tagalog pronunciation and other important aspects of learning Tagalog and Tagalog lessons. 

We will also discuss why the best way to learn Tagalog is through a Tagalog tutor.


Everyone Starts as a Beginner


tagalog online beginner classNo matter who you are or what you are trying to learn, remember one thing – everyone starts as a beginner. 

Please don’t let the fear of incorrect Tagalog pronunciation, or anything else for that matter, hold you back. 

Embrace it as the challenge it is, knowing full well how good the feeling of accomplishment will be when you learn Tagalog. One step at a time.


First Learn Basic Tagalog


First, you will learn basic Tagalog. Things like proper pronunciation in Tagalog. Basic Tagalog words and Tagalog phrases. Proper word order. The Filipino Alphabet. And the essential parts of Tagalog grammar.

But just the parts of Tagalog grammar that you need to speak and understand Tagalog. 

I know that my students want to be able to understand and speak Tagalog as a second language. 

They want to be able to carry on a conversation with Filipino friends. Or get directions. Or find something at a market. Or even to get closer to a loved one or their family. 

And the amount of grammar they will need to learn with Tagalog as a second language is significantly less than if they took a college-level Tagalog language class for native Filipinos. 

So you will learn Tagalog grammar, not drown in it

I understand that in many cases, I am teaching you Tagalog lessons for beginners. So I will present you with everything you need, but not so much as to overwhelm you.


Tagalog Practice Conversations


There will also be a lot of practice conversation. Because what I’ve found over my years of being a Tagalog teacher is that one of the biggest obstacles holding students back is that they are concerned that their Tagalog pronunciation is incorrect.

practice tagalog conversationAnd since the absolute best way to get better at anything is to practice, that’s what we do – practice Tagalog. 

We practice basic Tagalog sentences and pronunciation in Tagalog. You will learn common words and phrases. And I make sure my students learn proper Tagalog sentence structure. 

I like to teach my students things they can use right away, like common Tagalog words and Tagalog phrases. 

I structure my student’s Tagalog lessons this way because nothing motivates a student to learn better than the experience of actually using what they are studying in real life. 

And nothing makes me feel better and more proud of a student as to when they come to me with a success story of how knowing how to speak Tagalog made a difference to them and directly improved their life.


Tagalog Speaking & Role Playing


A significant part of our practice Tagalog conversions will be role-playing. I have found that role-playing, especially with a native Filipino speaker, helps us focus on what is most important to a student, which can help them learn more quickly. And help by making a student more comfortable communicating in real-world situations.


Practice Makes Perfect When Learning Tagalog


And guess what, pretty soon, the student becomes more confident as they learn how to pronounce Tagalog better.

And what started as a student wanting to learn basic Tagalog becomes a student ready to move past their Tagalog lessons for beginners and become conversational in Tagalog or even become Fluent in Tagalog.


Learn Tagalog Faster With a Tagalog Tutor


tagalog tutor teacher ErizaI realize that there are many resources for learning Tagalog. But if you want to learn Tagalog quickly, the best way to learn is with a Tagalog tutor.

As a private Tagalog tutor, I can devote 100% of my attention to you. To make sure you are learning Tagalog the right way. And that you are not picking up any bad habits.

I can also spend extra time on the parts of your Tagalog lessons that are more challenging to you. And I can quickly move through the areas you have already mastered. All so you can learn Tagalog fast and efficiently.


Now is a Great Time to Start With Tagalog Lessons


I have helped students learn Tagalog for over four years. I have taught Tagalog to hundreds of students from over 31 different countries and all walks of life.

My student list includes Fortune 500 business executives, entrepreneurs, expats, high-level embassy personnel, and fellow teachers.

To best serve my Tagalog students, I have spent hundreds of hours developing a propitiatory series of Tagalog lessons designed to help students learn Tagalog online, quickly and easily.

So please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss how I can utilize my experience and proven methods to help you learn Tagalog and to provide you with the best Tagalog lessons possible.


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