Tagalog Lessons

Tagalog Lessons

We offer both private Tagalog tutoring and small group lessons.

My results-oriented approach will help you learn Tagalog quickly.
And you’ll have fun doing it too. And as a Filipino and native speaker of Tagalog, I can help you learn both the language and a bit about Philippines culture, if you wish.

6 Reasons to Learn Tagalog Now

It’s the Native Language

While it’s true that both Tagalog (also known as Filipino) and English are national languages of The Philippines, many Filipinos are not fluent in English. Also, most are more comfortable speaking Tagalog than English. And in many service related positions (taxi driver, delivery person, etc.) English is often barely spoken at all. This is where being able to speak Tagalog can make the difference between getting lost and getting home.

Filipinos will Appreciate Your Efforts

The Filipino people are among the kindest and friendliest people in the world. Even it they cannot speak your language they will often go out of their way to communicate with you in some form. However, if you can speak Tagalog, even if you are not fluent it will be greatly appreciated. Tagalog lessons And speaking Tagalog can open-up so many possibilities that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Bonus Reason

Eriza’a Language School will make learning Tagalog fun and easy. Tagalog is an easy language to learn. You will have fun learning it. And even more fun using it.

You will Know How Someone Really Feels

A foreigner who can speak Tagalog isn’t only appreciated by Filipinos. Tagalog lessons, It’s a great way to know how someone really feels about you. You will be in a better position to understand the message someone is trying to convey to you. And you will even be able to understand what is being said about you by others, who may not realize you can understand what they are saying to each other. Needless to say, there are many situations where this can be very helpful.

You Will fit in Better

With the Philippines being a country of such warm, friendly people, you will no doubt make friends here. And you will find it much easier to communicate with them if you speak Tagalog. This will be especially true if you are with a group of Filipino friends. As they often will be speaking Tagalog as a group.  Tagalog lessons And speaking the language yourself will help you fit in better and become closer friends.

You Will Save Money

There will be many times where you will be in a better position to bargain if you speak Tagalog. And vendors will often be more likely to accept your offer if you can speak their language. This can save you many thousands of Pesos during your time in The Philippines.

tagalog lessons

By keeping my overhead low, I’m able to offer top quality English and Tagalog tutoring sessions at affordable rates.


Private Lessons:

– One Hour Individual Lesson – 700 PhP or $15 USD


One Hour Group Lesson:

– Two to Four Students – 625 PhP or $13.50 USD
– Five to Eight Students – 525 PhP or $11.25 USD each


Small Group Lessons:

– I also offer Discounted Group Lesson Rates, for a student who wishes to learn in a small group.



– Prepay for 10 lessons to get a 10% discount.